5 Yummy Camping Food Ideas for Vegetarians

Food Ideas for Vegetarians

I love to go on camping with my friends to get some adventure in life. I have 6 camping friends among which one friend is vegetarian. So, we need to carry some veg food and snacks for her so that she can get enough food during our camping days.

The camping site is not suitable for cooking large meals as you do at home. You need to some healthy and yummy food that can be cooked faster with least preparation. Along with food, you should carry some snacks that are ready to eat whenever you feel hungry.

5 Yummy Camping Food Ideas for Vegetarian People

When I go on camping with my friends, we prepare a list of food items that we are going to carry. This list includes vegetarian food and non-vegetarian food for all campers including my vegetarian friend, Jane.

The veg people often face difficulties to find food for camping, picnics and tours. Because the non-veg food items are easily available and they have so many varieties. But there is less options in veg food items to buy from grocery stores or supermarkets.

Being a vegetarian camper, you don’t want to end up carrying soups and salads every time. You also want some real food that is rich in protein, vitamins and also have a good taste. So, I am here to suggest some really yummy camping food ideas for vegetarian people.

#1. Crispy Hash Browns

Hash Browns are super easy to cook at anywhere, anytime. Even if you need to make hash browns in breakfast for 4-5 people on the camping site, it will take a few minutes. You need some potatoes, pepper, salt and other things for seasoning.

You can cook hash browns in the microwave to get them ready faster than a stove or air fryer. Just use cooking spray on a microwave-safe plate, then place the shredded potatoes with seasoning in plate and microwave them at high power for one minute. The hash browns are ready for eating, add some toppings to make them more delicious.

#2. Sweet Potatoes and Egg Skillets

During camping days, you need some healthy food that can give you energy for walking around the site. You can make sweet potatoes with egg skillets to eat something yummy and healthy when on camping with your friends.

You need to shred the sweet potatoes and stir them with butter, salt and garlic for a while. Then add 2 to 4 eggs by breaking them one-by-one on the cooking pan. Add some pepper and stir it for 5 minutes more. You can also make sweet potatoes and egg skillets in the microwave.

#3. Banana Bread Pancakes

Eating pancakes in the morning can make your day sweeter than ever. The banana bread pancakes get ready in minutes and doesn’t require much efforts or equipment. So, it is a great combination of yummy taste, quick cooking and so much nutrition.

You need some bananas and eggs with baking powder, baking soda, salt, sugar, milk and some other things. The banana bread pancakes are my favorite breakfast on camping and picnic days.

#4. Vegetable Sandwich with Butter

Eating toaster bread with butter in the morning is a good choice for breakfast. But you can make it healthier by adding some vegetables between two breads. Yes, you are right, I am talking about making a vegetable sandwich is the best and quickest way to get some healthy food on camping.

You need some fresh sandwich breads, butter and your favorite vegetables like tomatoes, onions, capsicum and cucumber. You can add some salt and pepper powder for better taste, also use mayonnaise if you like it.

#5. Protein Pasta

The protein pasta is available to buy at all grocery stores and supermarkets. You can carry several packets of pasta to your camping site and cook it when you need to eat. You need some olive oil, onion, garlic and pasta sauce to make a perfect dish of protein pasta and enjoy eating with your camping friends.


When you are on camping, you want to do more adventure and not more cooking. Therefore I have suggested some quick camping food ideas for vegetarian people. My suggested food dishes are so delicious that both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian people will love them.