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Press Release 2010

October 1-7 is International Vegetarian Week (IVW), supported by vegetarian organisations, animal rights groups and other organisations.

Important names, such as Dr. Rajenda Pachauri, Nobel prize winner, and Dr. Jean Ziegler, Vice-president of the Advisory Committee of the United Nations Human Rights Council, can be found on the list of supporters of the initiative.

This period was chosen because it includes several annual related celebrations,” stated WVW organizer Mateus Mendes. “These include: World Vegetarian Day on October 1, World Farm Animal Day and International Day on Non-violence on October 2 and World Animal Day on October 4.”

The goal of this initiative is to highlight for everyone an easy way to better personal and environmental health. "In the case of meat consumption there are benefits not only to the individual who reduces consumption of meat but clear advantages in terms of reducing greenhouse gases emissions.", says Dr Pachauri, emphasising two of the most popular reasons to follow a vegetarian diet. World-famous American author John Robbins, who is also known for quitting his family ice-cream empire to live a simpler life and focus on his writings, agrees with Dr. Pachauri: "Nothing human beings can do would benefit the environment more than a dramatic reduction in meat consumption. The impact of such a change on the gases in the atmosphere would be phenomenal, and would be a huge step in reducing the ominous threat of global warming,".

The Vegetarian Week website lists activities of tens of organizations in more than 15 countries. The range of activities includes talks, workshops, panel discussions, video viewings, meetings with society leaders, discounts in stores and restaurants and a myriad other options.

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