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Great success of the Vegetarian Week 2010

Again, the Vegetarian Week 2010 was even better than the Vegetarian Week 2009 - events in more countries (at least 18, while there were 12 in 2009), and more organisations involved. See pictures of some selected events.


Selected pictures of events


Endri Haxhiraj on TV

Albania: Dr Endri Haxhiraj on TV, discussing "Should eating meat be stopped?"

Book cover: nice dish, veg week logo and IEP logo

Albania: Cover letter of free e-book in Albanian.


Street stalk

Italy: Rimini

Street stalk

Italy: Pordenone

People tasting food

Italy: Napoli

Talk - People in nice room

Italy: San Marino

People looking at posters

Italy: Napoli

More pictures of the Vegetarian Week in Italy


New zealand exhibition - stalls and many people

New Zealand: Auckland Vegetarian Food & Lifestyle festival

Leila Masson speaking for an audience

New Zealand: Leila Masson speaking for an audience at the Auckland Vegetarian Food & Lifestyle festival

New Zealand Vegetarian Society stand

New Zealand: Vegetarian Society stall at the Auckland Vegetarian Food & Lifestyle festival


Andrey Rodrigues on TV

Portugal: Andrey Rodrigues on TV

People in restaurant

Portugal: Centro Vegetariano lunch

Crowd of people

Portugal: Centro Vegetariano meeting

Cristina giving prize to Solange

Portugal: Cristina giving academic merit award to Solange (500 euros check)

More pictures of the Vegetarian Week in Portugal

people seated

Turkey: Panel discussion at Bahcesehir University.

Two women, one talking to a microphone.

Turkey: Ebru Ariman presenting a vegan mother.

Several people posing for the picture.

Turkey: group gathering

Two women

Turkey: Ebru and Ozgun


Thanks to all the promoters and supporters that contributed to the success of the Vegetarian Week!

Now it's time to start thinking of the next Vegetarian Week 2011 - it will certainly be even bigger, and your contribution is definitely important. Join us!


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