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Activities 2011


This is a non comprehensive list of the activities scheduled for 2011. If you know of other activities, please inform us.


ALBANIA: There will be a conference for animal rights and vegetarian lifestyle, promotion of a book for animal rights and a vegetarian brochure. For the complete program follow Institute for Environmental Policy.


ARGENTINA: Unión Vegetariana Argentina promotes the 6th Vegetarian Congress in the Vegetarian Week.


AUSTRALIA: VegSA will host a picnic on 3 October, among other promotional activities such as media campaigns.






CZECH REPUBLIC: Veggie Parade will promote different activities starting 1 October and extending until November:

1. - Veggie bazar in the park in Prague (selling out old clothes and different stuff, vegan grill and snacks, music, leaflets, speeches)
2. - Vegetarian Day (held every year by the Vegetarian society in Prague, many lectures whole day, vegan food etc.)
15-16. - Conference Critical Animal Studies in Prague (plus on 15 march like a funeral in Prague for all animals killed by humans)
1.11.- Vegan day (Cultural evening with different music concerts and informations)


INDIA: Beauty Without Cruelty issues a special newsletter.


INDONESIA: The Asian Vegetarian Union, Indonesia Vegetarian Society and Vegan Society of Indonesia will have celebrations in the Batan island October 1-2.




NETHERLANDS: Dutch Vegetarian Society promotes the Vegetarian RestaurantWeek for restaurants, where tens (possibly hundreds) of restaurants will promote vegetarian dishes at cheaper prices. More details.


PORTUGAL: Centro Vegetariano promotes the Vegetarian Week widely and there are many different activities, promoted by different organisations. For more information visit Semana Vegetariana.







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