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Vegetarian Week - another year, another success

For the fourth consecutive year, the International Vegetarian Week was celebrated around the world, by hundreds of people in tens of countries.

The first days of October are special, for they include the World Vegetarian Day (1 October), the World Farm Animal day (2 October) and the World Animal Day (4 October). This makes the date October 1-7 a week specially suited for celebrating the Vegetarian lifestyle.

This year, many activities took place, from Australia to Canada. Those included normal street campaigns by non-profit organisations, festivals such as the San Francisco World Veg Festival, Internet and media campaigns, numerous group meetings and meals, and also discounts in veg-friendly businesses such as good vegetarian restaurants and stores.

One of the most remarkable events, however, was the Vegetarian Week contest, which was promoted by the Vegetarian Week to stimulate production of campaigning material. A total of 56 contributions were submitted, including cartoons, movies, slogans, stories, leaflets and poems. The contributions were graded, using a double-blind procedure (i.e., the authors don't know the reviewers and the reviewers don't know the authors), by representatives of Vegetarian organisations that have been actively promoting the Vegetarian Week. The first prize was given to the video "Proud to be a Vegetarian", by Sai Samara. The second to the leaflet "A vegan diet to save the planet", by Giovanna Di Stefano and Gianfranco Ionata. The third prize went to Giovana Di Stefano, for the "Postcard to Restaurants". The other prizes went to Dan Brook, for his collection of Haiku poems.

Next year, the Vegetarian Week will certainly be even stronger and better!

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