Pumpkin Tagin in dish, with a little bit of parsley. Pumpkin Tagin in dish, with a little bit of parsley.

Pumpkin Tagine

(For 6 people) - Preparation time 15'- Cooking time 45'








Rinse and peel the pumpkin, then drain and cut into small cubes. Wash and peel the potatoes then cut into cubes also. Do the same with the tomatoes and zucchini after washing them.

Peel the onions (don't forget to cry a little;-)) and dice small.

Finely chop the garlic (remove the stem in the middle before).

Wash and cut the lemon into small triangles.

Put your dish over low heat, pour 3 tbsp. of olive oil on the bottom, add the onion and garlic that you let simmer for 3 to 4', stirring occasionally until they begin to brown.

Then add the spices (except saffron and fresh cilantro) and stir.

Add the cubed pumpkin and potato and cover with hot water (the water should come up just to the top of the vegetables). Add salt and pepper and stir.

Cover and let simmer over low heat for about 25 to 30'.

After this period, you can taste to make sure the vegetables are almost cooked (they should have sufficiently softened). Let a few minutes if necessary, then add the zucchini, tomatoes and lemon pieces and cover again.

About 10' later, add the chickpeas (already cooked) and saffron, stir and cover.

5 to 7' later (so the total cooking time is about 45'), remove from heat and add the fresh cilantro leaves (that you rinse previously) and sprinkle the crushed almonds on top.

This is the time to serve and enjoy! Yum!

One of the main features of cooking with tagine is that food simmers over low heat and stews. Don't worry if you don't have a tagine, use a pot, a dish or a dutch oven with a lid ... the vegetables will simmer just as well and the aromas will also fill your kitchen!

If you wish, you can accompany the tagine with some couscous (it will no longer be gluten free), just to stay even closer to the Mediterranean Sea ! ;-)

Recipe contributed by Philippe Schell

Permission to copy and reproduce is granted, as long as you credit the author and mention the Vegetarian Week or the link: http://www.vegetarianweek.org/Article-47-Pumpkin-Tagine.html

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