Vegetarian Week 2012 contest


The submission period for the Vegetarian Week contest is now over.  Thank you all that participated!

The submissions are now being reviewed, and the winners will be announced next 1 October. Good luck to all!




Livestock farming - a burden on nature and human health

No other creature on Earth explores natural resources, to its own benefit, as efficiently as humans do. Since early ages, humans have been developing effective techniques to ease their daily lives. From the discovery of fire to the invention of the wheel, including the invention of typography or the steam engine and the Industrial Revolution, humans always tried to stretch their own abilities, searching for and developing tools that could help improving their general well-being. Initially the quest was moved by the sole purpose of improving and easing human life, but soon it became, to a great extent, a quest for power and domination over other humans, animals and nature.

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A Sustainable Future Depends on Our Food Choices

Raising livestock for our meat-centered diets is destroying our planet and threatens our civilization and prosperity. Giving up or cutting back on meat consumption is the most important thing an individual can do to protect the environment and future generations from disaster. That is why the Vegetarian Week 2011will focus primarily on the environmental reasons to eat a vegetarian diet.

This article considers why a major societal shift to plant-based (vegan) diets is essential to avoid impending climate, environmental, food, energy, and water crises.

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