Vegetarian Week contest Guidelines



  1. Participants can submit their ideas and works directly, after logging in to the website.
  2. The deadline for participating is 20 September.
  3. These kinds of contributions are accepted:
    1. Cartoon
    2. Essay
    3. Leaflet
    4. Poster
    5. Slogan
    6. Poem
    7. Music
    8. Other works that may in some way promote the Vegetarian lifestyle.
  4. Participants must be individuals and own copyright of the works they submit.
  5. All the submitted texts must be in English.
  6. There is no limit of submissions per author - each author can submit many different works. The software accepts one text and one attachment (file) per submission. However, each author is entitled to receive only one prize - authors with two or more contributions eligible to receive prizes will only receive the highest prize, and the other prize(s) will go to the next author(s) in the ranking with no prize yet.
  7. Prizes
    1. The awarded contributions will become official IVW material, and the authors will be promoted by the vegetarian week project;
    2. The winner can be announced with a press release, presentation of the person with picture and article about her/him or an interview - whatever is preferred.
    3. Additionally, the following awards will be given:
      1. 100 euros voucher for, or, courtesy of Midzu, and a VegDining Card, courtesy of VegDining.
      2. 50 euros voucher for, courtesy of EVANA, and a VegDining Card, courtesy of VegDining.
      3. A VegDining Card, courtesy of VegDining.
  8.  NGOs, companies and individuals taking part in the IVW are invited to promote the campaign on their websites, via their distribution systems and newsletters and in whatever form they find suitable.
  9.  A jury consisting of representatives from NGOs supporting the idea will grade the contributions.
  10.  The grading system will be double-blinded (the author does not know who are the reviewers, and the reviewers do not know who are the authors).
  11. Each submission will be graded by at least 2 reviewers.
  12. The assessment criteria are:
    1. Relevance for the International Vegetarian Week goals (promotes the
      vegetarian lifestyle? promotes the vegetarian week?);
    2. Quality (is the message scientifically correct [if applicable]? are
      there typos in the texts [if applicable]? are the illustrations or
      images good-looking [if applicable]?);
    3. Expected effectiveness (is the message appealing? is it clear? may
      it reach a wide audience?).

  13. The winners will be announced on 1 of October.
  14. The authors agree that their submissions are actually contributions to the IVW project, and the winning contribution(s) may be freely used to promote IVW and the vegetarian lifestyle.

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