Vegetarian Week Resources


The IVW team is eager to make available material that you can use in your campaigns.

You may use all these resources free of charge, for the purpose of promoting the World Vegetarian Week or the Vegetarian lifestyle.

You may translate, improve and adapt all the materials to suit your own needs. If you make an improvement or translation, please do not hesitate to share with others. Contact us.

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Call for Action

Language File Credits
English ODT, DOC WVW team
ODT, DOC Rose and Ingrid Martin for the translation
ODT, DOC Marina Berati for the translation
Portuguese ODT, DOC Francisco Porto Ribeiro, for the translation


Document templates

Document Language File Credits
Press Release English
DOC WVW team
Letter English DOC WVW team



Language File Credits
English PDF, ODP, PPS Centro Vegetariano



Name Comments   Credits
Logo You have two versions to choose.

Vegetarian week logo - version 1

V and leaf of the Vegetarian Week

Vectorial formats: PDF, Corel

Joana Soares

Banner 350x60 banner

Veg week logo in a banner

InDesign source

Marina Berati
Button 150x150 button Veg week logo in a button InDesign source
Marina Berati




Title   Download Credits
One Day

Youtube link

MP4 file

Daniel Souza
Go Veg!

Youtube link


MOV file

Isabella La Rocca



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