About the IVW

We call for a Vegetarian Week the days 1-7 of October, although that is by no means a rigid date.

There have been, and still are, many different proposals for "Vegetarian Weeks" in several countries.

Back in 2008, leaders of different vegetarian organisations decided to join efforts. in order to promote an International Vegetarian Week (IVW). The idea is to share resources and experiences, and make the "Vegetarian Week" a common date  to be celebrated around the world in the first days of October.

The website www.vegetarianweek.org was created as a central point. It works as the front end of the IVW, and also as a repository of materials to share.

In 2008, the Vegetarian Week was celebrated in at least 11 countries, from Australia to Canada and from Brasil to Germany. In 2009, there were initiatives in at least 13 countries. In 2010 the global awareness is expected to increase.

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