1. What is the IVW?

The International Vegetarian Week (IVW) is a date - the first days of October. These days many events are organised around the world, to promote the vegetarian lifestyle.


2. How did it all begin?

Many countries and organisations have been proposing Vegetarian Weeks for several years, from Australia to the United States of America.
In 2008, a team of activists from several different countries decided to push things a little further and join efforts in several countries at the same time.


3. When is the IVW?

The first 7 days of October, every year.


4. Where is the IVW?

The IVW is everywhere where individuals, companies or other organisations can arrange events to promote the vegetarian lifestyle.


5. Who is sponsoring the IVW?

No one is sponsoring the IVW. However, the organisations, individuals or even companies promoting the IVW may be sponsored.


6. Who is promoting the IVW?

The WVW is being promoted at 3 different levels:

  1. International cooperation. A team of volunteers from different countries is contributing material, ideas and resources. It is this team that mantains this website.
  2. National level. National vegetarian societies in their own countries are promoting the IVW.
  3. Local level. Vegetarian organisations, companies or individuals are promoting local activities.


7. How can I help?

You can help in two different ways:

  1. Join the international team and help produce more and better resources;
  2. Join your local organisation and help promoting vegetarianism locally.


8. Can I make a donation?

The IVW is being promoted at an international level by an informal team.
Therefore, if you want to contribute financially, we suggest that you donate to a local vegetarian organisation or animal shelter.


9. Is the material here copyright protected?

All the material here is copyleft - you may copy, use and adapt to your needs, providing you should give credit to the original authors or the International Vegetarian Week.


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