Great success of the Vegetarian Week 2009

The Vegetarian Week 2009 was definitely a great success, to continue and repeat in the coming years. Activities were promoted by tens of organisations in 12 different countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brasil, Canada, France, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain and USA.

The organisations involved appreciate the efforts of all the volunteers that contributed their valuable time and helped making this week a special one. A special thank also to our patron, author John Robbins, for his support and contribution to the success of this initiative.

Some selected pictures are shown below. If you also have any pictures to share, please contact us.


Selected pictures of events in various countries


Marly Winkler walking

Brasil: Marly Winckler with Dr Eduardo Jorge (Secretário do Verde of São Paulo) launching the "Segunda Sem Carne" (meatless monday).

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Street stall in Italy

Italy: Street stall.


Fair in Italy

Italy: Exhibition.

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New Zealand, Harbour dinner Cruise. Picture of the boat.

New Zealand: Harbour Dinner Cruise on the Vegetarian Day.

Table with lots of cakes

New Zealand: Vegan Cake Stall in Wellington Festival.

Many tables and people.

New Zealand: Christchurch Vegetarian Festival.

Learn more about the Vegetarian Week in New Zealand.


Andrey Rodrigues on TV.

Portugal: Andrey Rodrigues, speaking about the Vegetarian Week on TVI.


Andrey Rodrigues giving a leaflet

Portugal: After running 1/2 marathon, Andrey Rodrigues still has the energy to distribute some leaflets.


Cristina Rodrigues talking

Portugal: Cristina Rodrigues, lecturing in the University of Coimbra.


Rui Silva and audience

Portugal: Rui Silva presenting his eco-veg restaurant Oriente no Porto.


Exhibitors and people shopping

Portugal: Street market, in Coimbra.

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Fair in San Francisco

USA: Fair in San Francisco, organised by San Francisco Vegetarian Society.

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If you wish to contribute more pictures, contact us.

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