Lamb smiling in the grass. Lamb smiling in the grass.

Italy: Happy Easter for the lambs

At 30 weeks from the Vegetarian Week, AgireOra Network is launching the "Happy Easter campaign" to save the lambs and other animals, traditionally killed and eaten in many countries all over the world.

The message given by the nice leaflet and placard showing a sweet small lamb "smiling" in the grass is:
"Easter will be truly happy only if we put an end to the slaughter of lambs!"
"YOU can make the difference! Don't eat lamb at Easter!"

AgireOra Network joined the Vegetarian Week in the 2009 and is planning to support it in the 2010, too, organizing various events in Italy - setting up street-stalls which distribute free tasty veg-food, leafleting, organising exhibitions, lectures and other events.

Here are some pictures of the 2009 events.

About AgireOra

AgireOra Network is a set of initiatives, campaigns, projects and consultations aimed at defending animals. This includes all animals, without any distinction of species, as its logo emphasizes: a human hand which is making a pact of help and friendship with a dog's paw (to symbolize companion animals) and a cow's hoof (to symbolize farm animals and in general all animals "used" by humans).
AgireOra Network works to circulate information and to encourage animal rights activism. These are the two areas of the project: providing information to educate those who "do not know" about these issues and encourage activism in those who are aware and want to take a stand to help animals.
AgireOra is based in Turin and is active all over Italy, thanks to a network of activists in daily contact via the Internet.

Easter Campaign

Agireora is glad to share the "Happy Easter campaign" with anyone interested.

The material provided is:

- A6 leaflet front/back (4 leaflets / A4 page);

- A3 poster;

- A5 leaflet front/back, in black and white, with Easter menu and recipes.

Here is the material, in pdfs ready to print + source files in InDesign format. Also included are the pictures and fonts used by InDesign source files.

The campaign can be translated into other languages, the source files are provided for this reason.
This literature can be used during the month of March to inform people about the slaughtering of the lambs and invite them to avoid it.

More about Agire Ora.

Permission to copy and reproduce is granted, as long as you credit the author and mention the Vegetarian Week or the link:

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