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Interview with Joanne Rose

Floor, of the Yes, We Care!, talks to award-winning actor and writer Joanne Rose, for the International Vegetarian Week 2010.


Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a Writer/Actor/Producer. I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and now a resident of Los Angeles.


What type of vegetarian are you?

A vegan since 1994. I have been a great animal lover all my life.


Why do you choose a vegetarian lifestyle?

As soon as I became aware of the extremely harsh and disturbing realities of the meat industry, I became a vegetarian. Within months, I learned about the equally abusive truth behind the dairy industry and I'd made the decision to go vegan.


Do your friends understand your lifestyle?

Yes, most definitely and especially in recent years where more vegan products have become readily available. Back in 1994, when I had just gone vegan, people were less informed about it and therefore didn't understand it. I find any lack of understanding stems from conditioning in society.


What are some of your favorite things to eat?

I stick to whole natural foods. I don't eat anything processed. I enjoy whole grains (brown rice, quinoa or millet) with steamed vegetables and legumes or tempeh.


More about Joanne Rose:




Award-Winning Actor/Writer/Producer – Joanne Rose, a native of Melbourne, Australia and resident of Los Angeles, is the Owner and CEO of Vegan Vision - a New Media production company specializing in projects intended for online distribution.

Rose is the creator of VEGAN 101, a multi platform original series which was first launched on the web television networks Koldcast.TV and comic actor Will Ferrell's

VEGAN 101 is the first vegan sketch comedy series about taking the vegan lifestyle to extremes. As a longtime vegan, Rose is very passionate about her project and wanted to use humor to educate, entertain and inspire others about the vegan lifestyle, rather than use traditional ways. Rose believes it’s healthy to laugh each day which complements the vegan lifestyle.

Rose, wrote her first sketch in 2008 and shot the first episode in Summer 2009 in Los Angeles. She received an overwhelming response from many enthusiastic viewers who were vegans and non-vegans, eager to see more webisodes. Having a natural flare for writing and a wacky sense of humor, Rose combined her talents and VEGAN 101 was born.

Rose has made notable appearances on the Red Carpet and TV such as CNN, SMTV, Maximo TV, Hollywood 1 On 1 and Actors E and has also appeared in commercials and films.

Rose, is the author of the children’s book Tommy Tofu Saves The Day. Tommy Tofu appears in the webisode Rawman and Green Girl Meet Frankfood from the award-winning animated series The Adventures of Rawman and GreenGirl by

Permission to copy and reproduce is granted, as long as you credit the author and mention the Vegetarian Week or the link:

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This rocks

What a fun cast of characters Joanne has in this episode:

Good work!
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ANS: This rocks

Wonderful - great work :-)
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