Many organisations worldwide are actively promoting the idea of a Vegetarian Week. This is a list of promoters, possibly non-comprehensive, in alphabetical order.


Agire Ora logo AgireOra Network, Italy
white rabbit running over green ellipse Animal Friends Croatia, Croatia
Animal Life Foundation logo Animal Life Foundation, Netherlands
AVF logo Association Végétarienne de France, France
Australian Vegetarian Society logo Australian Vegetarian Society, Australia
Dog fingerprint and BETA written BETA - Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Lebanon
Centro Vegetariano logo Centro Vegetariano, Portugal
Compassion for animals logo Compassion for Animals, USA
v-label and E EVU - European Vegetarian Union
EVANA logo EVANA - European Vegetarian and Animal News Alliance
Green Lifestyle Film Festival logo Green Lifestyle Film Festival, USA
Cow smiling Happy Cow
ICVA green leaf International Corporate Vegetarian Association
leaf and Institute for Environmental Policy name Institute for Environmental Policy, Albania
IVU logo International Vegetarian Union
 Candles  Jewish Vegetarians of North America, USA
L214 logo L214, France
man running over the sun Middle East Veg Group
New Zealand veg society logo New Zealand Vegetarian Society, New Zealand
Peace Café logo Peace Café project, Cambodia
SFVS logo San Francisco Vegetarian Society, USA
Simply Vegetarian written white over green background Simply Vegetarian, UK
Hebraic letters Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians, USA
SVB logo SVB - Sociedade Vegetariana Brasileira, Brasil
Schweizerische Vereinigung für Vegetarismus (SVV) SVV - Schweizerische Vereinigung für Vegetarismus, Switzerland
doctors hurting dog Tierrechtstermine, Germany
UVA logo - map of Argentina and UVA written on it. UVA - Unión Vegetariana Argentina, Argentina
Unión Vegetariana Española UVE - Unión Vegetariana Española, Spain
VEGAN 2050 logo VEGAN 2050
Dish and fork and vegdining.com in green letters VegDining
VegIntos logo VegIntros
Veg sa in black and white letters Vegetarian Society of South Australia, Australia
Girl Face and V Vejetaryen Kulubu, Turkey
VITA in russian and cow VITA - Animal Rights Center, Russia

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